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New Jericho












          New Jericho, a rapidly growing Quaker community with a dark past. Until recently, all was quiet . . . most kept to themselves, not associating too much with the outsiders that slowly began to drift in. Those outsiders adding to the strength and diversity of the rapidly growing city that sprung up less than 120 years ago.
          The residents of the comparatively young city paid no attention to whose eyes they did indeed draw to their Utopia, blindly welcoming all those willing to contribute to their changing ?society.? This in mind, we take our attention to the college that was constructed a little over two years ago. Very few know the actual motivation behind the construction of this institution in such a backwater area, and even fewer know the truth of what lies just behind the scenes. As the city-dwellers saw it, the recently constructed liberal arts college was nothing more than an excuse to stock their stores and haul in big business. Little did they know what they were inviting to enter . . .

The Clans
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Giovanni Unaligned Ghouls

*Clan Logos created by White Wolf and graphically edited by Jocelyn Dewey*



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