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LARP Directory


A Collection of LARPs on the East Coast (USA)
LARP Title Type of LARP Location
East of the River (OWBN) VtM Vernon
Darkest Night VtM Newark
Carpe Noctem CtD, VtM, WtA Port Charlotte
Gainesville: Nightfall VtM Gainesville
Tampa Bay By Night VtM Tampa Bay
Atlanta Interactive Theatre VtM Atlanta
Dreams of Darker Days CtD, WtA Atlanta
House of the Forgotten Masque VtM Atlanta
Bay of Blood (OWBN) VtM Baltimore
Children of the Storm VtM Baltimore
Vitae Aeternus (OWBN) VtM College Park
Boston By Night VtM Boston
Dark Duality Productions VtM Bridgewater
House of the Crescent Moon VtM Boston
Vampire: The Hidden VtM Salem
Witch City CtD Salem
New Jersey
Capitol Chronicles VtM Middlesex
New York
Ge'Hinnom Crusade VtM Rochester
Gotham VtM New York City
Innocents Lost: The Mists CtD Westchester County
Rage Across Westchester WtA Westchester County
Red List VtM Buffalo
North Carolina
Traces of Red VtM, WtA Raleigh
Triad By Night VtM Triad Area
Triangle By Night Productions VtM Raleigh
Darkest Before Dawn VtM Philadelphia
New Jericho By Night (OWBN) VtM, WtA Philadelphia (Suburbs)
Swarthmore By Night VtM, WtO Philadelphia (Suburbs)
Little DC VtM Dale City/Woodbridge
Night . . .Falls (OWBN) VtM Northern Virginia
Old Town By Night VtM Fairfax
Purity of Fire VtM Fairfax
The House Divided VtM Richmond
The South Rides Again VtM Roanoke



CtD - Changeling: The Dreaming
KotE - Kindred of the East
VtM - Vampire: The Masquerade
WtA - Werewolf: The Apocolypse
WtO - Wraith: The Oblivion