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I find myself pondering days long past and what I discover is a way of escape. We attempt to conceal ourselves behind facades of superficiality--competing in a one-upmanship with the rest of the world, learning nothing about ourselves accept that we require a con to everything. We must have an "evil," if that can even be said to exist, for every "good," and a cynic remark for every good deed performed.

Perhaps it is that we are forever wandering in this "pointless" existence, constantly searching for some meaning to it all and never finding even an inkling of what it all truly means. It is my belief that we are not meant to know, that we are here to carry out a specific set of actions and then our lives are over. Quite interesting really, given the fact that I am not a fatist.

Leave it be! Leave it be, man! There is nothing more wrong than a soul forced to inhabit the earth because of an excess of emotion. Given the circumstances, however, I fear that there is nothing to be done. We know a creature for so many years and we don't realize the true meaning behind their words or can even begin to comprehend what they truly meant to us, until they have left us behind.